A Guide to New Homes in St Albans

New Homes in St Albans, Sandridge and London Colney

If you are looking for a new-build property in St Albans, Sandridge, London Colney or the surrounding areas, Daniels Estate Agents can help you find the perfect new home. Our estate agents have over 25 years of experience within the St Albans property market. They can guide you through the buying process showing you the best new developments within the area.

What are the benefits of buying a new home in St Albans?

The St Albans property market is diverse, with many different styles and types of property available. Choosing to buy a new home can narrow your search and offer various benefits.

  • A fresh start: Moving into a new-build home means no history is attached to the property. Everything is brand new and in perfect working order, so all you have to worry about is unpacking and settling in.
  • Lower bills: New-build homes usually come with better insulation, ensuring the property retains heat for longer. Older properties struggle to compare in this respect as the insulation materials used often aren’t as advanced. This helps the property be more energy efficient, reducing energy bills and saving you money in the coming years.
  • Quick move: You won’t be waiting for the previous owner of the property to buy their own home before they can sell their existing one to you. That makes the buying process far quicker and less stressful too.
  • More control: Before a new-build development is constructed, you have the option to buy off-plan, which may give you a chance to design elements of the home, such as the fittings or, in some cases, even the layout.
  • Free warranty: Unlike older properties, most new-build homes come complete with a warranty. This usually lasts for ten years and offers some protection against structural issues.
  • Accessible option: There are various government schemes to help first-time buyers get a new-build home whilst avoiding the struggle of finding the money for a deposit. Some support plans include a Mortgage Guarantee Scheme, Shared Ownership, First Homes, Rent to Buy, and more. Unfortunately, the Help-to-Buy scheme is not available anymore.
  • Lower maintenance: With all the fixtures and fittings newly installed, you won’t need to worry about carrying out repairs or maintenance, allowing you to spend money elsewhere.

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What should be included in a new home?

This varies from development to development, although the essentials are usually installed as standard. What you typically pay for with a new build flat or house is not just the space but several brand-new fixtures and fittings that come with them.

For example, some developers may include a washing machine, dishwasher, carpeted floors, and wooden flooring. Double or even triple–glazing comes as standard to achieve the required minimum energy efficiency rating, along with insulation for the walls, doors, and roof space.

New build homes in high-end developments will invariably have a larger price tag, but you should also expect more features to be included. This could be anything, from modern heating and cooling systems to built-in smart technology and modern appliances. Some developments also come with private parking, on-site gyms, and concierges.

Who buys new-build homes in St Albans?

While, in many cases, they are purchased by first-time buyers and couples in the latter stages of life looking to downsize, new-build properties are purchased by every kind of buyer. New-build properties are a good option for families looking to set up a home for the first time.

If you want to buy a new build flat or house using a government scheme, we recommend that you get familiar with the details in advance of your property search, as you might only be eligible for some of them.

Are new-build house prices negotiable?

As is the case with any property being sold on the market, whether new-build or not, the advertised price is not necessarily fixed and could be open to negotiation.

Much will depend on the status of the development and whether there is much interest from other buyers. For example, if you are buying off-plan, they may be open to a deal as it will help secure the funding they need to complete the build. Similarly, if construction has finished and they need to sell the units quickly, they may be open to lowering the price.

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