Buying in St Albans: How to Become an Attractive Buyer in the Current Market

As we head further into 2022, the property market is looking bright for sellers, which means buyers will face a lot of competition in their search for a home. According to property professionals’ body, Propertymark, there is now an average of 29 buyers for every property available on the market. The average number of buyers registering with estate agents also continues to rise, so if you are planning on buying a property in St Albans, here are a few tips that can help you become a more attractive proposition to sellers.

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Dealing with property chains

The property market is currently very competitive, with more buyers than there are sellers, so it’s important to find ways to get to the front of the queue or risk missing out. You may be competing against dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of other interested buyers, many of whom will be paying with cash.

A large proportion of property transactions depend on a chain of buyers and sellers, each one reliant on the other to complete their own purchase. The longer the property chain, the greater the chances of something going wrong, which could lead to the collapse of several transactions. So, if you can organise the three points mentioned below, you will put yourself in a very strong position.

Sell your home before you buy

Sellers are more likely to choose buyers who have already agreed a sale, as there is no chain attached, which should make the process much easier to complete. Many property experts recommend that you put your home on the market before you start your search. Increasingly, people are selling their homes and moving into rented accommodation, which gives them more freedom and flexibility to act quickly when they find the right property to buy.

First-time buyers should get a mortgage in principle

When speaking with a seller’s estate agent, they will want to know if you are able to apply for a mortgage and whether you have proof of funds to secure the deposit. So, if you are looking around to buy your first home you can save a lot of time by securing a mortgage in principle.

Also known as an AiP (Agreement in Principle), it indicates that you can borrow a certain amount of money based on the details you have provided to a lender. In a seller’s market there is a lot of competition, and you can put yourself in a strong position by ensuring your finances are in order before putting down an offer.

Tell your estate agent you’re a cash buyer

If you are a cash buyer that doesn’t need to sell to buy your next property this makes it much easier to attract vendors. It’s important to let your estate agent know about this as soon as possible so they can act quickly on your behalf.

January to June is generally thought of as the best time to sell, as there is more optimism on the market, longer days to organise viewings and the opportunity for people to be in their new homes for the summer.

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