Buying Property in St Albans: What is the Conveyancing Process?

Looking to buy property in St Albans? As you probably already know, you will need to hire a conveyancer as part of the buying process. But what is the conveyancing process and how does it work? We cover the basics below to help get you started.

What does a conveyancer do?

A conveyancer plays a vital role in the purchase of any home. They will deal with all the legal and contractual aspects of the deal, ensuring both you and the seller are adhering to the letter of the law and to what has been agreed to by both parties. You can also hire a solicitor to act as a conveyancer, which can be useful for more complex sales, but on most occasions a conveyancer can manage the process.

How does a conveyancer work?

Once you have submitted an offer that has been verbally accepted by the seller, the conveyancer will:

  • Get in touch with the seller’s solicitors to get a purchase contract that features details of the property and the owner.
  • Ask for a copy of the fixtures and fittings list to see what the seller will be leaving behind in the property.
  • Check all the details of the contract are correct and that any requested amendments have been made. This includes ensuring any requested repairs have been carried out.
  • Prepare for the exchanging of contracts once you have received your mortgage offer by asking you to sign the contract.
  • Organise a completion date with the seller’s solicitors once the mortgage conditions have been met. They will then arrange for the contracts to be exchanged to make the deal ‘legal’.
  • Transfer your deposit to the account designated by the seller’s solicitors and receive the title deeds for the property in return.
  • Register your name and mortgage at the Land Registry and send the deeds to your mortgage lender as security.

How to choose a good conveyancer

You may be a little unsure about how to choose a good conveyancer when buying property in St Albans. Here are some helpful guidelines you should follow:

  • Ask friends and family who may have bought or sold a property in St Albans or the surrounding areas and see if they have any personal recommendations. Word of mouth referrals are always a good way to get an honest appraisal about a company.
  • The agent who is managing the sale of the home may also be able to recommend a reputable conveyancer as they deal with the property market every day. Here at Daniels, we are always happy to recommend highly professional and efficient conveyancers that we’ve worked with over the years.
  • Going local is rarely a bad thing, as a conveyancer used to dealing with properties in the area will be easier to deal with due to their location. Of course, don’t let locality be the sole reason for choosing them.
  • Carry out background checks on any conveyancer you contact. That includes looking at online reviews at places like Trustpilot and asking them questions about cost, speed and service.
  • Get a variety of quotes (maybe 3 or 4) to ensure you are getting a fair price. Again, do not pick a conveyancer based solely on the price they offer.


If you are looking to buy property in St Albans, get in touch with our friendly estate agent team who will be happy to help.