Christmas opening hours



Wednesday 23th December              Open 8.45am -2.00pm

Thursday 24th December                  CLOSED

Friday 25th December                       CLOSED (Bank Holiday)

Saturday 26th December                  CLOSED

Sunday 27th December                    CLOSED

Monday 28th December                   CLOSED (Bank Holiday)

Tuesday 29th December                  Open 10:00am – 4:00pm

Wednesday 30th December             Open 10:00am – 4:00pm

Thursday 31st December                 CLOSED

Friday 1st January 2021                   CLOSED (Bank Holiday)

Saturday 2nd January                       Open 9.00am – 5.00pm



 If you happen to have an emergency at your property whilst our office is closed, then please call our ‘Out of Hours’ Emergency contractors on the numbers below:

For plumbing and heating  please call Baker Smith 01727 730590

For electrical please call Herts Electrical Services 07973 266037

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, please call the National Grid emergency number 0800 111 999

Please note that the plumbing, heating and electrical numbers are only to be used if you have a serious emergency that cannot wait until our offices are open. In the event that the issue is not deemed as an emergency, or where the fault is a result of damage or an issue that is not the responsibility of the landlord, then you may be liable for the cost of the call out.

Please also be mindful that our contractors will be very busy accommodating everyone’s needs during this period, so would appreciate any calls being made during daytime hours. Please try to refrain calling them in the late hours of the evening or early hours of the morning.




As a tenant, you have the responsibility to minimise expense to your landlord. Before calling the emergency numbers, please check any manuals you have been supplied with or try searching the internet for a manual using the make and model of the appliance that is faulty.

In the event of an electrical failure and where it is safe to do so, please check trip switches and fuses at the main fuse board.

In the event of loss of heating, please check the boiler/timer manuals and re-set before calling our emergency contractors. Please note that if your boiler has lost water pressure then it is tenant’s responsibility to top up the pressure.

Should a leak occur, please isolate the water supply using the stopcock to prevent additional damage to the property.


Please view list below to check if the issue is deemed as an emergency:

?         No heating or hot water.

?         A heavy leak that will cause serious damage to the property or where water is affecting electrics – in this circumstance please turn off electricity at the mains board for your safety.

?         Toilet that won’t flush – only if this is the only toilet in your property and you are unable to flush it by pouring a bucket of water down the toilet as a temporary solution.

?         No water coming out of shower – only if this is your only means of sanitation. If you have a bath then please use this instead.

?         No electric lights or sockets working – please check with neighbours, if they have the same problem then please contact the electricity company to report a power cut.

?         An electrical fitting has smoke or sparks coming from it – please turn off electricity at the mains fuse board.


If your front door lock has broken and you are unable to ensure your property can be secured or you are unable to exit your property then please call a locksmith and keep the receipt. Please note that the loss of keys/locking yourself out is not a landlords repair expense and a refund will not be issued.



In the event that our emergency contractors are unavailable, please instruct a contractor yourself and keep the invoice or receipt. We can then ask your landlord to reimburse you for the cost of the call out.


Please note that if you do not provide us with a receipt or an invoice for the call out or repairs, then we are unable to reimburse you for the cost. We will also not reimburse you for a call out or repair if the issue was not deemed as an emergency.


 If you would like to talk directly to a Daniels member of staff regarding an Emergency then please e-mail and a member of staff will respond although please note this e-mail is not monitored 24/7.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.