Update on latest legislation for Landlords


For information on ‘Right to Rent’ Immigration Act 2014 please click on the link below:




You need take no action on this as we have ensured that our referencing agent will make all initial checks to make sure you comply and Daniels will make checks to ensure that any checks required on the extension or renewal of any tenancy are carried out.



For information on the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms please click on the link below:





Whilst it is not new legislation, for a reminder on your responsibilities for gas safety as a landlord please click on the link below:




Daniels already ensure that gas safety checks are carried out on an annual basis your behalf.



There are also two important matters that you may not already be aware of:


From 1st February this year we have to ensure that tenants receive a ‘How to Rent’ leaflet prior to the start of any tenancy and on the extension or renewal of any existing tenancy. You can find a copy of the leaflet by clicking on the link below:





The Health and Safety Executive has issued guidelines regarding Legionella Assessment in rented property and you can understand your responsibilities by clicking on the link below:




Landlords can carry out their own written assessment of their properties as long as they provide a copy of this assessment to ourselves before any new tenancy agreement is entered into. If you don’t wish to carry out this assessment yourselves then we can arrange for a Legionella Assessment to be carried out on your behalf. Please feel free to ask us for further details.



We take the responsibilities of both Daniels and our Landlords to our tenants seriously. Should you require clarification on any of these points please let a member of the lettings team know.