St Albans Landlords: How to Become a Greener Landlord

There is a growing need for homes to be more ecologically friendly, and landlords have a key part to play. Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference, so take a look at our tips on how to become a greener landlord in St Albans.

Smart meters

Over the past couple of years energy providers have been making a big push to install smart meters. They provide better visibility on how much energy is being used in the home and offer a great way to make better use of gas and electricity to reduce carbon footprints. This is ideal if energy bills are included in the monthly rent. If a learning thermostat can also be installed that helps things even more, although the tenant will have to play their part and adjust the way they use these services accordingly.

Many of the large energy suppliers that cover the St Albans area offer smart meters so it’s worth discussing this with your current energy supplier.

Install LED lights

It has long been established that LED lights are an eco-friendlier option compared to traditional halogen bulbs. Plus, LED bulbs will last 5 times longer than traditional bulbs, so you get better value for money. Tenants will also reap the benefits, as it means they will be using less electricity which helps to lower their bills. And, according to the Energy Saving Trust, every LED bulb can save as much as £40 on electricity each year.

Dual flush toilet convertors

If there is a water meter installed for the property, it’s important to manage water usage as it plays a big role in household costs. Toilets can use up a lot of water with each flush, so installing a dual flush convertor can reduce water usage and lower bills. They are relatively cheap and once installed you do not have to buy a dual-flush toilet. This can help you save more money if water bills are included in the rent whilst helping the environment at the same time. Tenant’s will also benefit if they pay for water bills separately from the rent, as it reduces their household bills.

Low-flow shower heads

It is estimated that the average shower lasts for around 8 minutes, using as much as 60 litres of water. Low-flow shower heads can quickly reduce the amount of water being used around the house. But that doesn’t mean the user will see a big drop in how the shower feels. It maintains the same level of pressure while reducing water usage by 40-50%. As with any shower head they are easy to install and do not cost much money to buy.

Recycling bins

Recycling bins are provided by St Albans City & District City to every property in the area. If you don’t have the right bins or they’ve gone missing, you can contact them to ensure the appropriate bins and containers are made available (for plastic/cardboard/glass etc.) This encourages sustainable living practices and makes for a greener environment all round and makes it much easier for your tenant to recycle without any hassle.

Go digital

Even the simple act of using digital inventories and tenancy agreements can make a difference. There are usually quite a few bits of paper used to finalise the tenancy but keeping everything together for filing purposes can be a bit of a hassle for everyone involved. Going digital makes it easier to access and store and also means less paper is being used, which can only be a good thing for forests.

Letting Property in St Albans

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