Is Now the Time? Get up to Date on St Albans Rental Yields

St Albans is a Hertfordshire town which benefits from excellent transport links into central London, without many of the problems which are posed by inner city living. For landlords, that means great value, and no shortage of potential tenants who wish to live out of the capital and commute in. As ever, finding the best location within St Albans, and the most attractive properties, is all part of the plan. If you're looking for a letting agent in St Albans, our team has over twenty-five years' experience helping landlords and you can read all important landlord information online.

The average rental yield for a one bedroom property in St Albans currently stands at £962 per month, according to figures from While obviously lower than parts of the capital, that rate stacks up favourably with the country average - one bedroom properties in the wider Hertfordshire area have an average rental yield of £890 per month. 

Moving onto two bedroom properties - of which there are many to choose from in St Albans - the average is up at £1,262 per month. Again this compares well with the Hertfordshire average of £1,194 per month. For three bedrooms, prospective landlords should know that the average rental yield per month is £1,597 per month, while for four bedrooms that average is £2,229 per month. These are both higher than the county averages of £1,589 per month and £2,108 per month respectively. 

There are some large properties in Hertfordshire, and St Albans is no exception. If you have an eye on a five bedroom property to let, you should know that the latest average is up at £3,092 per month, although you might find that this is a much smaller rental market than the properties with fewer bedrooms.

So from which type of property can you expect the most rental yield from as a St Albans landlord? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the smallest average rental yield is for a single room, which offers £497 per month. But it should be noted that as a property can be split into several rooms, this could actually represent the most lucrative option for some. Next come flats, which offer a rental yield of £1,088 per month. And then houses, which offer the highest average rental yields of all three property types with £1,845 per month. 

We hope the information above can give you a clearer picture of the rental yields you could enjoy after buying a St Albans property. With the mass exodus of London renters to the surrounding counties of the capital being widely reported, now could be your time to cash in on this trend. Londoners can enjoy more green space and the tranquillity of St Albans' historic town centre, as well as more space inside their properties as well. For families, St Albans can offer a better choice of schools than the capital can, and then there are the large range of independent shops and restaurants which give the area so much character. It looks like a good time to be a St Albans buy to let landlord.