Why Now Is the Best Time to Sell Your St Albans Property

Over the past 3-6 months there have been signs that the UK housing market is starting to stabilise, with more properties coming to market and house hunters eager to tie down their next move.

The St Albans property market has also seen this change with a large increase in the number of property valuations being requested by sellers, indicating a readiness to market and sell their property.

It is predicted that we will see a more normal housing market in 2022, and it will remain strongly in the seller’s favour for at least the next 12 months. There are also not enough properties to meet current buyer demand, putting sellers in as strong a position as ever.

Even though prices are expected to rise by at least 5%this year, it is still important to set the right asking price, as there are limits on what buyers will pay. This is where working with a reputable and experienced estate agent will prove invaluable, as they can help you set the ideal asking price and provide evidence to justify it.

The best time of the year to sell

Traditionally, the New Year is one of the best times of year to put your property onto the market. This is because people are looking for a fresh start, and even if you are not quite ready to list your home, it’s a good time to prepare the property so it is in the right condition to start viewings a couple of months down the line.

Spring is the peak buying period of the year, as starting the process in March or April usually means buyers can be in their new home come the summer. The Easter Weekend affords people two bank holidays and more time to view, weigh up their options and make key decisions. Plus, there are longer daylight hours, which extends viewing availability.

In most cases, while you are selling your current home, you will also be looking to buy a new one. So it pays to keep an eye on the market so you can achieve both aims, and as soon as your home is put up for sale you can start house hunting yourself.

St Albans is popular for first-time buyers from London

Research carried at the end of 2021 revealed that St Albans is the most sought after place to live in the UK for Londoners looking to buy their first home.

It is estimated that more than 112,700 homeswere purchased outside the capital in 2021, which is the highest number since 2007. Over the next 5 years, house prices in St Albans are expected to rise by over 19%.

St Albans has become a prime commuter city thanks to its fantastic rail links and affordable prices compared to London. With more people than ever looking beyond the capital for a place to live due to soaring costs, and with the trend likely to continue for the foreseeable future, it puts sellers in St Albans in a strong position.

Thinking of selling your property in St Albans?

At Daniels, we have over 30 years of experience helping sellers to successfully sell their property in St Albans. Our expert team are local property experts and are always on hand to help you at every step of the sales process. For more details on our sales service contact our friendly team today or you can book a free, no obligation property valuation here.