The Best Schools and School Catchment Areas in St. Albans

If you are planning on moving to the St Albans area with young children you will be thinking about the best local schools available and the catchment areas of those schools. You’ll be thinking about buying or renting in the catchment area for the school that you think best suits your kids needs. To give you an idea of what to expect, here is a round-up of the catchment areas and best schools in St Albans.

Which are the best primary schools in St Albans?

St Albans offers a really good selection of primary schools, many of them rated either good or outstanding by Ofcom. This includes the likes of Fleetville, Aboyne Lodge, St Peter’s, Bernards Heath and the Abbey C of E.

Due to its location close to the centre of St Albans, Maple primary school always proves to be a popular choice, thanks to its strong transport links nearby.

 School categoryAdmission rulesNumber of pupils admittingFurthest distance allowed
Fleetville Academy Own Authority 90 897.52m
Aboyne Lodge Community Council Authority 30 331.93m
St. Peter's Community Council Authority 30 301.73m
Bernard Heath Community Council Authority 90 1,092.6m
Abbey C of E Voluntary Aided Own Authority 30 Contact School
Maple Community Council Authority 30 197.01m

Which are the best secondary schools in St Albans?

Similarly, there are an array of highly rated secondary schools in the district, however, the two most sought after are Beaumont and Sandringham.

Parents looking for single sex education usually consider STAGS (St Albans Girls’ School) or Verulam (for boys). While these are two of the leading secondary schools in St Albans, others to note include Loreto College and Townsend School.

 School categoryAdmission rulesNumber of pupils admittingFurthest distance allowed
Beaumont Academy Own Authority 210 1,156.11m
Sandringham Academy Own Authority 240 Contact School
STAGS Academy Own Authority 240 Contact School
Verulam Academy Own Authority 186 Contact School
Loreto Colleg Academy Own Authority 160 Contact School
Townsend Voluntary Aided Council Authority 150 Contact School

School catchment areas in St Albans

If you buy or rent a property within a school’s priority area, your children will be considered for a place ahead of those who live outside of it. This doesn’t mean they are guaranteed a place, but they will be given first choice. These priority areas are set by Hertfordshire County Council and implemented by schools that use their admission rules. While they can be subject to change, they tend to largely remain the same each year.

Pupils living in these areas of Harpenden and St Albans are eligible for admittance to Beaumont, Sir John Laws, Roundwood Park and Samuel Ryder Academy:

Ayot St Lawrence, Colney Heath, Flamstead, Harpenden, Harpenden Rural, Kimpton, King’s Walden, London Colney, Markyate, Redbourn, Ridge, Sandridge, St Michael, St Pauls Walden, St Stephen, St Albans, Shenley, Wheathampstead.

For same sex education, St Albans Girls’ School is available for pupils living in St Albans, while Verulam is the equivalent for boys.

To find out about general and specific admission rules for secondary and upper schools in St Albans, visit here to read more.

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